All ready



The past few weeks have quickly elapsed.  Tomorrow night, my stake president will set me apart as a missionary, and I will report to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) at 12:45 PM on Wednesday.

As evidenced above, I finished packing last week.  My clothing and supplies barely fit into the suitcases, and they’re both almost exactly 50 lbs.  The bad news is that I’m supposed to reserve 12 lbs for supplies I’ll receive in the MTC, so I may have to jettison some of my stuff there.

When my mom read other missionaries’ blogs, the first thing she looked for was always what kind of messenger bag they used.  In case anyone reading this has similar concerns, I’ll go through the specs of my bags/luggage really fast.  The two suitcases are Samsonite, and they seem fine so far.  They hold my stuff, which is pretty much the only thing I can say about them based on my limited experience.  They do have four omni-directional swiveling wheels on the bottom, which are convenient.

The messenger bag is a Timbuk2 “classic messenger” model.  Once again, all I can say is that it is capable of containing the items I have placed within it without catastrophic failure.  It was difficult to find a messenger bag that was the right size, and this one seems about right.  It seems to be loaded with many unnecessary features, but that’s not too much of a problem.

My bags are marked with cyan ribbons and name tags, because cyan is one of my favorite colors.  Can’t beat 0-255-255.

Today, I went hiking with my family.  Afterwards, I had my hair cut even shorter:



Don’t worry, the sides aren’t even close to touching my ears.  The foreshortening just makes them appear as if they were encroaching upon the otic region.

At this point, I feel like I’m all ready.  I just hope nothing goes wrong between now and Wednesday at 12:45 PM.  The following is what happened to my dad right before he served his mission.

The day before he was to report to the MTC, my dad was cleaning out his room when he discovered a couple of bottle rockets he had stashed away in a drawer for later use.  Figuring that he might as well use them up, he brought them outside and shot them off.  A few landed out of his sight, but he didn’t worry about it.

About an hour later, he heard the sirens.  Unbeknownst to him, one bottle rocket had landed on his neighbor’s fabric awning and lit it on fire.  Luckily, his neighbor’s house was unharmed, but the awning was destroyed.

He confessed to the neighbors and offered to pay for the damages.  Thankfully, they told him not to worry about it, and that they were going to replace the awning anyway.  My dad reported to the MTC as planned.

(Sorry if I didn’t get the story completely right, Dad.  This is how Mom told it to me.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday.  Bye!


One thought on “All ready

  1. Is there something about your dad and fireworks? I seem to recall a story I heard long ago about some firecrackers with the fuses connected to the wicks of some candles in a church. But it might just be my fuzzy memory. :)

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