Without purse or scrip

​Going to a fantastic Christmas zone conference and stuffing my face with American Christmas food: good.

Talking with my family over Skype: good.

Losing my wallet on Christmas day: bad!

My wallet must have fallen from my pocket as I was riding my bike. By the time I realized it was gone, I was left, sans my ARC card, mission debit card, personal debit card, American driver’s license, and a wad of cash, to curse whoever thought putting so many important things in one place was a good idea.

As soon as we had time, my companions and I spent our lunch hour combing the route we had biked. We rode back and forth, but the distance was great and two days had already passed. It was pouring rain, and the road was covered with pools of murky water and assorted garbage. The billfold which I so desperately sought was nowhere to be found.

No matter, though; the work must go on! I’m in the process of replacing the documents I lost. The loss of my moneybag should prove but a small inconvenience. Lack I anything? Nothing.

This last was a challenging week by all means. Some of our most reliably progressing investigators stopped meeting with us. An innumerable number of our pigeons were released into the open sky. Our key indicators dropped to critical levels. Nevertheless, we’ve persisted, and I can only hope that this week will be better.

On the bright side, we took a lot of light-saber pictures.

Yours truly.
Jedi Master Montierth.
Jedi Master Clark with his unique Easy Cheese hilt.

Elder Elliott


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