Pin the ‘Stache on the Taft

On P-day, we went to Cozy Burger in 台北市. I ingested a peanut-butter and banana bacon cheeseburger. Behold:


The item itself.

Elders Clark and Azua, seated at the establishment.

Me and Elder Montierth.

After going to the mission office to pick up some supplies, we decided to go to the Taibei Main station to look for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which were rumored to have been found in the vicinity. We had no idea where the store was located, but we set out to find it. Only when we reached the station did we realize that there were three different malls attached, all connected by a very complex underground concourse. Our time was quickly running out, so we chose what we deemed to be the most probable choice and began the search.

A huge central atrium, where we searched in vain for the crispy torus outlet.

The roof is really high.

No doughnut shop was to be found, even on the index of establishments posted on the walls. Finally, after spending minutes searching with no success, Elder Montierth and I gave up decided to scram in order to make it back to our area before 6:00. We rushed back to the station and boarded the next train. Elders Clark and Azua kept running around looking for the place. We assumed their quest was hopeless.

That night, Elders Clark and Azua walked into our apartment, each carrying a box full of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh well–I suppose it’s better for my health this way anyway.

On Wednesday morning, a building caught on fire right next to the track where we run laps in the morning. Much smoke billowed into the air. A few fire trucks rushed to the scene, and the fire was quelled within about thirty minutes.

One thing I like about our neighborhood is that it’s always under construction. There are gigantic cranes, trucks, and other machines everywhere. Construction safety doesn’t seem to be as stringent here as in America; we often see people clinging to giant reebar constructions dangling from cranes as they arc-weld things together. It’s also cool to see them using cranes and gigantic iron buckets to dredge up water from underground tunnels.

This week, our investigators have also been doing pretty well. We’ve also found a few quite excellent new investigators, including a 林弟兄 (Brother Lin) and a 曾姐妹 (Sister Zeng) who both met with us after we called and set up with them. They are both very humble and willing. We hope they will continue to progress and come to church. 來教會聚會吧!

As for now, I conclude my record. The journey will continue upon my return.


Elder Elliott


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