Wilsons and Mach

Baptismal fonts have become my mission nemesis.

At 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, a member called us and asked us to fill the baptismal font for an 8-year-old who was to be baptized at 5:00. Despite being a little wary of this task’s potential complexity, we gladly accepted.

We began by attempting to use the simple red-lever/blue-lever valve box by the font to fill the unfriendly cistern. As predicted, there was no hot water. So, we emptied the half-filled font, went downstairs to the big boiler room, flipped a bunch of breakers to turn as many machines on as possible, and turned on the water again. Not only was it still cold, but the water quickly ran out, the flow trickling down to nothing.

We both stared at the ominously empty font, stymied. We called a member, couldn’t hear anything he said because of our cell phone’s bad reception, and told him we’d meet him at the chapel in half an hour. We left, taught a lesson, and returned. It was now almost 4:00.

The member instructed us to go to the back of the chapel, flip breakers to turn on the pumps from the water towers, pump water into the towers, fill the water heater retention tank, turn on the water heater and the de-sedimentation system, wait for the water-temperature indicator gauge to reach the desired level, open the valves to the font, and fill the bothersome reservoir with the resulting hot water. Needless to say, the process was not without setback, and the piddling trickle finally produced was neither hot nor sufficient, ceasing altogether within a few minutes.

Over a long period of time and repeated iterations of this same process, we gradually coaxed the reluctant water into the font. At last, the font was filled to sufficient depth, and we slumped exhaustedly back to our bicycles. We were both frustrated at the waste of time, and agreed that every ward needs to implement a new calling: the baptismal-font-filler.

Eating dinner at one of Taiwan’s few Ikeas, which happens to be located in 思源.

Aside from the baptismal-font troubles, this week was quite excellent. Elder Huntsman and I carried out another tsunami, this time in 思源 [Siyuan], which lasted from Thursday afternoon to Friday. We taught Dennis the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Law of the Sabbath, which he unreservedly accepted, much to our relief.

On Sunday night, we held a family home evening activity for our ward. Several of our investigators attended, along with many ward members and new converts. We played an interesting game incorporating principles of rock-paper-scissors and macro-evolution, ate a lot of watermelon, broke glowsticks in the dark, watched a video about faith, poured water on an Elder Huntsman disguised as a tree, and bore testimony. Here’s the picture we took afterwards:

After the FHE activity.

This was quite a hectic week, and the weeks to come will be even more so. In fact, we won’t have a normal full day in our own area for two consecutive weeks. It’s going to be great!

Elder Elliott


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