Bowling & Typhoon

We went bowling on Monday and brought our investigators, Wilsons and Mach, along.

Our district and friends at the bowling alley​.

Wilsons and Mach.

Elder Huntsman.

I roll the ball down the alley.

​My companion and I both heard about the incoming typhoon on Thursday from some members. After the fizzle that was the last "typhoon," we were both somewhat dismissive of everyone’s reports of the anticipated storm. By Thursday night, the predicted violent winds and downpour were nowhere to be seen.

On Friday, nobody wanted to meet with us for fear of the typhoon, but once again, nothing but a drizzle fell. At night, there were a few gusty winds, which threw everyone into a great and baseless excitement. We went on splits with two members, and both of them were practically in hysterics over the resulting carnage. "Two people’s umbrellas got blown inside out!" 黃弟兄 [Brother Huang] exclaimed in awe.

It was only after we returned home on Friday night that the winds started to pick up. That night, I heard the rain pouring down violently, and our apartment building occasionally shook and swayed as the winds howled around it. In the morning, the winds had decreased considerably, although the rain continued to fall. We were instructed not to leave the apartment until further notice.

From the inside, the typhoon still seemed very mild. My companion and I were itching to get out. We cleaned the apartment thoroughly, called our investigators and members, and studied Chinese. I learned some good particle physics vocabulary, reviewed the names of the planets, and learned a bunch of idioms. We had to cancel most of our lessons, which was a bummer. None of our utilities were affected by the typhoon.

Typhoon day selfie. I ate oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When we finally were permitted to leave the apartment at 7:00 PM, we were both astonished by the change outside. Many trees had fallen down along the dark and deserted streets. All of the storefronts hid behind their corrugated metal facades. Some shoddily-constructed signs and billboards had been destroyed by the winds, and there were some sections of the street that were unrecognizable.

Only later did I see some pictures of the large river that runs through our area during the typhoon. It had raised by probably almost 10 meters, completely submerging a park where we contacted people on Tuesday. My companion and I were both surprised that a storm which seemed so mild could cause so much damage.

On the plus side, our investigators are doing great. Dennis passed his interview yesterday and is going to be baptized on Friday. 李姐妹 [Sister Li] finally started coming to church for the full three hours, and she’s made some good friends among the members who we hope can help her stop smoking. 彭姐妹 [Sister Peng] is on the brink of getting baptized; she’s just worried about the reaction of her family and is not sure that she needs to be baptized again. We’ve been working with several other investigators who are preparing for baptism next month, as well.

This was a good week. We’re excited to actually be in our area for more than two days next week. It’s going to be great!

Elder Elliott


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