Sinai and Agar

​Dennis was baptized! After probably the most stressful few days of my mission, during which Dennis faithfully endured a plethora of obstacles and unexpected setbacks, I baptized him in our chapel on Friday night. Dennis bore a very moving testimony about the miracles he’s seen since Elder Huntsman and I introduced him to the gospel. He even brought barley tea and soda for everyone!

Dennis’ baptism was a highlight of a very stressful week. Some other of this week’s adventures included:
-Biking and running around in the biggest downpour I’ve ever seen trying to find and give a blessing to a member with poor sense of direction (see below);
-Teaching a 9-year-old kid from mainland China who was going back the next day; he had never heard of God before;
-Having our fortunes analyzed by a less-active member who is a professional diviner (mine got soaked in the rain, so the only part I could read was one line encouraging me to eat mostly soft foods);
-Riding the MRT up to the 金華街 [Jin Hua Street] chapel for stake conference with Dennis.

A big rainstorm, during which the roads all flooded with water.

Other than that, not too much happened during this quite exhausting week. I caught a cold, which was pretty mild but caused me to lose my voice and made missionary work a lot more difficult. On Monday, we went to one of the only trampoline parks in Taiwan, which is underground. I didn’t jump or enter the bouncing area because of the extremely high risk of injury, but it was a great opportunity to sit by the side and study Chinese.

I learned all about the Chinese character system of chemical element-naming and compound-naming, which is pretty fascinating. Every element in the periodic table has its own character with distinct pronunciation, from which it is possible to divine some of the element’s chemical properties as well as (often) the English abbreviation. Compound-naming conventions are quite similar to English, with some annoying exceptions and different rules for acids. I don’t really have a complete grasp of these concepts, because my information was all gleaned from various dictionaries and not a comprehensive source.

That’s about it for this week. It was a good week, albeit one rife with unexpected stress. Dennis is baptized, and that’s all that matters for now.

Elder Elliott


One thought on “Sinai and Agar

  1. Joseph Ballantyne says:

    David: Congratulations on the baptism. Your challenge now is to help Dennis stay active in the church and to grow spiritually. You look great, even though soaked to the skin. Love, Grandpa

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