At the 基隆 [Jilong] beach on P-day.

Ely, one of our members, drove us two and the 三峽 [Sanxia] elders up to a beach in 基隆 [Jilong] for P-day. It was about an hour-long drive on the freeway each way, with some interesting streaked limestone cliffs and hummocky jungle terrain along the way. We passed through many long, cavernous tunnels carved through the mountains. I was carsick along the way because I attempted to help Elder Scovel pass off his Phase 1 language study during the ride, and was seized with nausea the second I glanced down at the book. Some things never change.

The beach was quite nice, despite being small and man-made and having no wave action. There was some good surrounding scenery, including a distant steep-walled green island and some mountainous slopes plunging down to the water’s edge.

While Ely and the other elders ran around and played Frisbee by the water’s edge, I sat in a nearby spot of shade along a rocky shore segment. I watched some scuttling crabs and examined some fascinating large segmented-body arthropods swarming on the rocks, then studied Chinese for a while.

The rest of this week was good, although I was insanely tired most of the time. We went on two exchanges with our zone members, so it seemed as if we were always switching companions or riding the MRT to and fro.

Two days ago, my companion were riding our bikes on the way to a lesson when we contacted a woman walking along the road. She turned out to be about the biggest miracle I’ve ever seen on the street. She told us that her life felt empty and that she had been looking for a long time for some sense of purpose. She said she fears death, and that she feels as if people are always taking advantage of her. We shared some brief testimonies and invited her to church on Sunday. After church, we shared the "Hope of God’s Light" video with her, which she thought very inspirational. We’re both very excited for her future.

From today to Friday, I’ll be going to the deserted nether corner of our mission–苗栗 [Miaoli]–to find new investigators. It’s part of a mission-wide tsunami activity, which aims to briefly flood a specific region with missionaries to find new investigators. I’m excited to experience missionary work in a new locale.

That’s about all for this week. Next week: an update on the 苗栗 tsunami!

Elder Elliott


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