Kimchi Kid

My companion and I with 李姐妹 [Sister Li] and Ida

One of Elder Huntsman’s favorite missionary tools is the shoulder pat. It’s super effective with members, investigators, and strangers alike–until it completely backfires.

Elder Huntsman patted a guy on the shoulder when he was out contacting. Nothing unusual happened. He handed the man a tract and left. About an hour later, several members called our phone and told us there was a man at the chapel with a tract looking for the missionaries. Miracle!

Not quite. When Elder Huntsman reached the chapel, the same man he’d patted on the shoulder immediately confronted him in a panic. “What did you use to stab me?” he blurted. “When you touched my shoulder, you stabbed me with a sharp object, and I’ve been bleeding.” The alarmed “victim” accused Elder Huntsman of using a needle to inject him with AIDS. He then threatened us with legal action.

After Elder Huntsman repeatedly assured him that there had, in fact, been no sharp object in his hand, the man was finally mollified. Elder Huntsman invited him to church and gave him our number. He left into the night.

No sooner had fifteen minutes passed than the man called us again. “Are you sure you didn’t stab me?” he asked. We replied that we had not. Over the next four hours, he called us upwards of fifteen times, each time frantically asking Elder Huntsman if he had impaled his shoulder with a sharp implement. Finally, late at night, he sent us a text message apologizing, and said that he suffered from OCD.

Aside from this adventure, some of this week’s other highlights included:

  • 李姐妹 passing her baptismal interview after having quit smoking for two weeks
  • Ida, a referral we received from Xinban, coming to church again
  • Going to Dennis’ house to teach his older brother, who we hope to baptize as well
  • 吳弟兄 [Brother Wu] repeatedly reciting “Jesus loves you” to a cockatoo we found on the street (see below)

Brother Wu and a large cockatoo.

That’s about all that happened this week. It was a great week; Elder Huntsman and I saw a lot of success. 李姐妹 is most likely going to be baptized this Saturday at last. We’re going to an outdoor zone conference this week, which will probably involve hiking, so I’m excited.

Elder Elliott


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