New Companion: Indian Edition

Me and my new companion Elder Roe, as of now.

Elder Huntsman and I sped up to the mission office in a taxi on Monday evening. I still had no idea who my new companion would be, and I assumed I would not know until I was informed in the office. When we were unloading Elder Huntsman’s suitcases, though, I saw another car drive up with two missionaries inside. "It’s Elder Roe," Elder Huntsman blurted.

Sure enough, my new companion is Elder Roe, yet another elder from my generation! Outgoing and amicable, he’s a wonderful companion who can become anyone’s friend in mere minutes.

This was a busy week of lessons and exchanges. Several of our investigators who had not answered our phone calls for a while finally picked up and met with us, which was a relief.

Yesterday, we hosted another ward family home evening, which was considerably more successful than the last. We gave the primary, Young Men, Young Women, and Elders’ Quorum all responsibilities, and the Relief Society members all brought food. As predicted, the promise of victuals brought members swarming in droves.

For our spiritual share, Elder Roe and I decided to talk about the sacrament. We prepared a figurative sacrament of grape juice and wasabi-spread crackers. Elder Roe and I handed everyone a suspicious green wafer and a cup of juice, instructing them not to eat or drink until told to do so. We all ate our crackers in unison, and we watched everyone double over and start gasping and sweating. Then, we told everyone to drink the grape juice. The sweet liquid washing the bitter taste away, we said, represented the ability of the sacrament to cleanse us from the gall of iniquity. It was a lovely metaphor, though I’m afraid some of the significance may have been lost in the rampant wasabi-induced confusion.

Another highlight of the week: on Friday, a pair of sisters in our zone stopped answering their phone and did not report their safe return home. After being awakened by a call from the APs, I rushed out into the night with Elder Kirschner, who I was on exchanges with, rode to the sisters’ apartment, and talked our way past a grumpy gatekeeper. We knocked their door over and over, but there was no response. Finally, President Jergensen ended up having to wake up and drive over with the office elders and an extra pair of keys. The sisters were safe–they had just left their phone in a member’s home–but I didn’t envy their being woken up at midnight with four elders and a mission president standing in their apartment.

That’s about all that happened this week. Everything’s going well, and I’m enjoying the transition to a new companion!

Elder Elliott


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