Mid-autumn festival was yesterday! Taiwanese families get together on this holiday and eat 烤肉 [barbecue] together, leaving our missionary schedules empty but giving us many opportunities to talk to people who’d otherwise be working. My companion was really disappointed that our ward was the only ward not holding a barbecue activity, to the point where we almost went to the most expensive all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant in our area together. We ended up going for hot pot instead, which I like a lot better anyway. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier.

Some other features of 中秋節:
-柚子, large citrus fruit which resemble greenish dragon eggs. I ate some before they were ripe and thought they were disgusting, but they’re actually really good when ripe. They taste like a sweeter version of grapefruit.
-月餅 [moon cakes], which are small pastries typically filled with dried egg yolks and various types of sweetened bean or seed paste. Everyone gives these out like crazy during 中秋節. Some of them can be extremely expensive.

Sister Tu is doing really well. She came to church for the third time yesterday. She accidentally heard some members discussing the Word of Wisdom on her second time coming to church, and she decided to quit tea and coffee on her own. By the time we shared the Word of Wisdom with her, she told us she was already obeying it, despite giving up coffee being a trial for her (she works at the headquarters of a coffee-machine factory). Every chapter of scripture we give her, she reads–at least twice. She also gave us 柚子 and 月餅 for 中秋節.

One of the downsides of 中秋節 being on Sunday was that nobody came to church. Of the four investigators we arranged throughout the week and confirmed on Saturday night, only one ended up coming. One got drunk and still hadn’t found the chapel after three hours, one ate too much and was too uncomfortable to come, and one told us it was inconvenient. Oh well.

This week was pretty good overall, although I’ve been so busy I can barely remember what happened. I didn’t have time to write in my journal, so there’s a brief unconformity in my record which I’ll have to patch with contemporary evidence from my planner.

That’s about all for now. Sorry, I didn’t have time to take any pictures this week.

Elder Elliott


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