The seafood pizza

Elder Xiao, Elder Ure, and I.

This week, I:

  • Bought a massive order of Costco pizza for the trainer-trainee follow-up meeting
  • Lugged a rusty steel bunk bed, two mattresses, and two bed-springs up and down four flights of stairs, all for naught
  • Hauled a van-load of trash from an old apartment
  • Made down payments on two new apartments
  • RegExxed over a thousand pages of document text
  • Troubleshot a finicky GSM modem
  • Used screen recorders and a lot of ffmpeg to grab videos for missionary training.

It was a busy week, and Elder Xiao and I were running around like beheaded fowl, as usual. We get up in the morning, exercise, study for three hours, dash over to the office at 11:00, and start on our to-do-lists. I usually subsist on the stuff people leave in the office fridge; the past month, I spent no more than $10 USD on food.

We did a lot this week, but little of it was very interesting to the outside world. I received two awesome packages: my family’s Christmas gifts, and a GSM modem I ordered from mainland China.

I went to Costco in Taiwan for the first time! It was pretty much identical to an American Costco, but the pizza flavors were a little different. Elder Xiao wanted to order seafood pizzas for all of the missionaries ("it’s my favorite flavor") but we at last settled for five Hawaiian, five regular, and four seafood. We tramped back out to the car, our arms laden with stacks of greasy boxes.

At the meeting, nobody ate the seafood pizzas. We stowed one in the apartment fridge, one in the office fridge, and gave two away.

After the office closes for the day, we spend the night proselyting in our area. It’s the only mini-area in the mission, consisting of two major roads, a single park, and a highway overpass. Nevertheless, we saw some cool success this week. We’ve been very direct with inviting people to church, and a few said they’d come!

That’s about all for this week. It was a good week, but there weren’t many noteworthy events to report on.

Elder Elliott


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