Rooftop picnic

Elder Smith and I went up to the mission-office roof and had a picnic of 刈包 [guabao, sometimes referred to as "Taiwanese hamburgers"].

We couldn’t really figure out how to use these.

Preparation day was pretty fun. We picked up our stretchy waterproof pants, ate at our favorite all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant, then met up with some members (睿聰 [Rui Cong] and Taco) and walked around some shopping streets in our area. One of the major tech shopping centers in Taipei is here, so we had a good time looking at some ultra-high-spec components for building computers. There was a tent selling high-end motorcycles as well, so I asked the dealer if we could try them out:

Trying out the motorcycle

Don’t worry, Mom; we didn’t actually drive the motorcycles.

There was an upside-down house as well.

Elder Smith and I by the upside-down house.

We explored this brand-new mall, and had fun looking at all the expensive stuff we couldn’t afford. We did find some awesome Star Wars posters that were on sale, however.

Elder Wong, from the Seventy (a group of Church leaders), came to our mission this week. His Cantonese talk in the October 2014 General Conference was the first talk delivered in a non-English language. While he was here, he and President held three conferences to cover all the mission: one in Taipei, one in Taoyuan, and one in Taidong. Elder Smith and I went with them to the Taipei and Taoyuan conferences to help translate and take care of the food for the meetings.

A member took this picture of us and the sisters at the chapel.

Elder Wong also came to the Central Stake conference on Sunday. I was translating into English for the Jergensens during the meeting when Sister Jergensen asked me if I could stand up and translate into Chinese when she delivered her speech. Adrenaline rushed to my head like magma into a domal batholith. The whole stake center was full, with the dividers open, all with native Chinese speakers ready to tear apart any misplaced grammar construction. My hands were shaking as I stood up at the mic placed next to the pulpit.

Surprisingly, the translation went way smoother than I expected, with only one or two hitches (Sister Jergensen said something in Chinese, which threw me off, and I confusedly stuttered for a few seconds).

We met with Sister Huang, which went really well. She set a baptismal date and said she’ll accept baptism on the 28th of this month. The important thing now is making sure she doesn’t miss any church meetings.

That’s about all for this week.

Elder Elliott


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