The boxen

A woman from the Marriott hotel in Taipei emailed the office and asked if we would be willing to bring copies of the Book of Mormon to place in the hotel rooms. She asked if we could get 500 copies together in time to bring them over next week.

"Next week?" Elder Smith replied. "We can bring them over tonight."

It just so happened that we needed to drive some mattresses over to 永和 [Yonghe] in the van as well, so we decided to do both in the same trip. We drove down to the our improvised warehouse in the parking garage, and crammed the beast with four bulky mattresses and eighteen boxes of scriptural cargo.

After cruising on the highway to 南港 [Nangang], we circled around for a few minutes before we found the entrance to the huge hotel’s parking garage. We drove inside, talked our way past the security guard ("We’re here to deliver supplies"), and found our way into the spacious hotel lobby. After talking to a bellboy and the front desk, we located the staff member who had requested the scriptures. She was grateful for the donation, and even offered us reduced-price dining with the hotel staff!

Last night, President Jergensen called me up and told me that we would need lunch for 40 people, including two members of the Seventy and the Taizhong mission president, at 11:00 today! I was a bit nervous, because all the restaurants had already closed and most wouldn’t open until 11:00 at the earliest. Most of the local restaurant personnel have already requested that I give them two working days of advance preparation time for large orders. Nevertheless, I assured him it could be done.

I woke up early and made a last-ditch call to 八方 [Bafang, a cheap Taiwanese dumpling restaurant]. Miracle of miracles, an old woman answered the phone after a minute of ringing. She wasn’t particularly lucid, but I was able to convey my order for 45 boxes of pot-stickers. She called the boss in, and they started work early to prepare the order. Sister Jergensen prepared salad and fruit, and it all worked out OK. So, that was a relief.

This week was otherwise quite uneventful. Elder Smith and I double-checked all the Old Testament samples and submitted the printing request, so hopefully we’ll have 500 copies of our language-study edition before long.

That’s about all for this week!

Elder Elliott


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